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Draft Supplemental EIS (2020)

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East Locust Creek – Region 1-12 PJDs

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Biological Opinion for ELCR (2020)

Biological Assessment for ELCR (2020)

The Regional Water Source Evaluation study evaluated the existing water sources in the 10 county region in terms of their ability to supply water during a drought similar to the drought of the 1950s.

Regional Water Source Evaluation – 11-15-2016

The Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) was originally published in 2013 and updated in 2015. It provides the full justification and engineering analysis of the proposed project.

  1. Preliminary Engineering Report and Feasibility Study
  2. Appdx A – Water System Feasibility Study For NCMRWC
  3. Appdx B – Water System Master Plan for NCMRWC
  4. Appdx C – NCMRWC Formation Document
  5. Appdx D – Water Use Study for NCMRWC
  6. Appdx E – Missouri Drought Plan
  7. Appdx F – Excerpts from Groundwater Atlas of the US
  8. Appdx G – Regional Water Supply Capacity and Demand
  9. Appdx H – Letters of Support for Regional Water Supply
  10. Appdx I – State Climatologist Letter
  11. Appdx J – Findings Relating to Acquisition of the WTP
  12. Appdx K – Water Source Study
  13. Appdx L – Report on Water Treatment Plant Improvement
  14. Appdx M – Milan, Missouri
  15. Appdx N – 20 Year Population Projection
  16. Appdx O – Cost Estimate of Regional Water Supply
  17. Appdx P – ELC Watershed Revised Plan and EIS
  18. Appdx  Q – ROD ELC Watershed Revised Plan
  19. Appdx R – Conceptual Plan Sheets
  20. Appdx S – ELC NRCS Cost Allocation and Cost-Share
  21. Appdx T – Cares Watershed Revised Plan
  22. Appdx U – Locust Creek Basin Management Plan
  23. Appdx V – Grand River Watershed Evaluation
  24. Appdx W – Quality of Surface Water in Missouri 2011
  25. Appdx X – Locust Creek Basin Management
  26. Appdx Y – Regional Economic Impact Assessment
  27. Appdx Z – Lake Authority Legislation
  28. Appdx AA – N. Central MO Locust Creek Watershed Study
  29. Appdx AB – Overlap of Issues and Opportunities
  30. Appdx AC – Economic Importance of Agriculture and Water
  31. Appdx AD – USGS National Climate Change Projections
  32. Appdx AE – Missouri’s Biggest Climate Challenge
  33. Appdx AF – Evaluation and Selection Report ELCR

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources published the Water Rate Study in 2015 to compare the current water rates in the 10 county region with the rest of the state.

Water Rates Analysis – 08.27.2015

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources published an Economic Impact Study in 2015 to predict the impacts of the proposed East Locust Creek Reservoir project on the region.

East Locust Creek Reservoir Economic Impacts

The University of Missouri Extension, Commercial Agriculture Program created a study on behalf of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to discuss the importance of water on agricultural interests in the region.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Missouri Department of Natural Resources teamed up to create a study describing the conditions in the Locust Creek Watershed and the Best Management Practices that would be most suitable for helping to resolve the watershed issues in the basin. The East Locust Creek Reservoir is cited in the report as a helpful practice.

Final Locust Creek Watershed Study Report – November 25, 2013

The East Locust Creek Watershed Revised Plan & Environmental Impact Statement was published by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and includes the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) alternatives analysis that recommended the East Locust Creek Reservoir as the environmentally preferred solution for water supply, recreation and flood control.

East Locust Creek Watershed Revised Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

In 2004, Missouri Department of Natural Resources published this 10 page report which evaluated water supply in the region and recommended that the East Locust Creek Reservoir be sized as a regional reservoir capable of serving the needs of a much larger area than was originally considered.

MDNR Water Use Study

The Feasibility Report evaluated various solutions to the drinking water shortage in north central Missouri and recommended construction of the East Locust Creek Reservoir.

Water System Feasibility Study For NCMRWC